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Ernul, North Carolina, NC: Butcher Shops

There are 11 Butcher Shops in or near Ernul, North Carolina NC.

B & J Seafood/Fish Market

B & J Seafood/Fish Market is located approximately 11 miles from Ernul. They're a decent Butcher Shop in Ernul. Their phone number is (252) 637-0483.
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Crab Ranch

Crab Ranch is located approximately 23 miles from Ernul. A friendly Butcher Shop. Phone number: (252) 964-4897.
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Crystal Seas Seafood

Crystal Seas Seafood is located approximately 15 miles from Ernul. Crystal Seas Seafood is a really good Butcher Shop. Their current phone number is (252) 745-7711.
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Fish-N-Stuff is located approximately 19 miles from Ernul. Regarded as one of the best Butcher Shops in Ernul area, Fish-N-Stuff is located at 4086 River Rd. Their phone number is (252) 946-0766.
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Ginn's Seafood & Quick Stop

Ginn's Seafood & Quick Stop is located approximately 22 miles from Ernul. Looking for a good Butcher Shop? Check out Ginn's Seafood & Quick Stop at 837 Carolina Ave. Call them at (252) 946-4834.
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Super Mercado El Rancho

Super Mercado El Rancho is located approximately 31 miles from Ernul. Visit Super Mercado El Rancho at 2500 Charles Blvd. Their current phone number is (252) 353-0012.
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Tryon Palace Seafood

Tryon Palace Seafood is located approximately 9 miles from Ernul. If you want to pay them a visit, go to 520 S Front St. Need to give Tryon Palace Seafood a call? (252) 638-2280.
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Village Butcher

Village Butcher is located approximately 11 miles from Ernul. They are a nice Butcher Shop. You can reach them at (252) 637-6695.
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Washington Crab & Oyster Co

Washington Crab & Oyster Co is located approximately 22 miles from Ernul. Washington Crab & Oyster Co is very popular place in this area. Contact them at (252) 975-5797.
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White's Meat Market

White's Meat Market is located approximately 16 miles from Ernul. A decent Butcher Shop, they're located at 9350 Old Us Highway 70. Call them at (252) 636-8300.
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Year Round Seafood

Year Round Seafood is located approximately 23 miles from Ernul. They're one of the best in the area. Phone number: (252) 448-4568.
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